The Future Of The Digital Bank

A New Norm: The Future of the Digital Bank

The digital bank, what does it mean? The digitalization of banking, or more precisely, the digitization of the use of banking services, signifies the transformation of the bank’s relationship with its clients through digital means. This transformation rests on three main pillars: fast or often instantaneous operations, increased mobility for users, and remote access at any time, coupled with greater

Online Transactions

A New Norm: Online Transactions

There was a time when the financial industry was skeptical about the use of technology in the banking sector, mainly due to a lack of trust in the security of the technology. Banks preferred to conduct most of their banking activities within their institutions, with the online route always considered a secondary choice. However, following the popularization of mobile phones

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Mastercard teams up with Rawbank’s illicocash to launch virtual cards in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa, DRC; October, 2023: Mastercard has formed a strategic partnership with illicocash, the fintech arm of Rawbank, to introduce a virtual card program in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The program supports financial inclusion by providing consumers and businesses with a new and effortless way to conduct e-commerce transactions. Virtual cards can be ordered quickly and are usable on

Salon Du E-Commerce Et De La Fintech À Kinshasa : Une Vitrine De Nouvelles Opportunités Économiques

E-commerce and fintech fair in Kinshasa: A showcase for new economic opportunities.

On 21 and 22 April, Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, enthusiastically welcomed the e-commerce and fintech fair. This event brought together key industry players as well as entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, providing a unique platform to explore the latest trends and opportunities in a burgeoning digital world. This fair has been organized every year since 2020

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Thunes, Rawbank Partner to Power International Mobile Money Transfers with illicocash

Singapore / Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 01 June 2023 – Global cross-border payment infrastructure company Thunes and Rawbank, the leading bank in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), today announced a partnership to facilitate cross-border transaction flows between the DRC and the rest of the world through illicocash. By partnering with Thunes, Rawbank now becomes the first financial institution

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The liberation of financial power and the economic potential of women

In this International Women’s Rights Month, it is essential for illicocash to highlight topics such as: The liberation of women’s financial power and economic potential. When it comes to financial inclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has been an opportunity to push for greater gender equality. Indeed, the pandemic has accelerated the digital transition by encouraging investments in digital infrastructure and tools,

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Rawbank among the 30 high impact African banks

In its edition of July 15, 2020, Financial Afrik ranks Rawbank among the 30 African banks with a strong regional impact. This is not by chance, but by hard work within our institution on governance. Indeed, we have made considerable efforts in this area and the results are palpable. Aware that we have a role to play in the economic

The New Version Of The Application Has Arrived.

Illicocash 2.0// the new version of the application has arrived!

illicocash evolves and arrives with a brand new version of its application! In fact, you will be able to discover new features to improve and facilitate your daily life, and all this from your mobile phone and whatever your operator. You will have among other things the possibility of reloading your units among the 4 operators of the country, or