The liberation of financial power and the economic potential of women

ILLICOCASH Blog International Womens Da

In this International Women’s Rights Month, it is essential for illicocash to highlight topics such as: The liberation of women’s financial power and economic potential.

When it comes to financial inclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has been an opportunity to push for greater gender equality. Indeed, the pandemic has accelerated the digital transition by encouraging investments in digital infrastructure and tools, which has generated an unprecedented increase in dematerialized means of payment and the opening of new accounts by millions of women. These events have paved the way for new possibilities that have made it possible to achieve the financial inclusion of women.

Accompanied by its development partners and supported by government officials, illicocash makes targeted efforts to establish strong partnerships through its multiple services, including:

  • Sending and receiving money in Congo and internationally
  • The purchase of units
  •  TV re-subscription
  • Merchant payment


Congolese women can thus manage their finances independently and securely from their mobile.

Illicocash has also developed the illicopay product for businesses, to strengthen support for women entrepreneurs. They are thus able to manage their businesses regardless of their size from a portal that offers many services such as: receiving payments and being notified immediately.

With illicocash, managing your finances has never been easier.

As a fintech actively rooted in development and financial inclusion, our digital solutions are there to encourage the empowerment of women, pushing them to go further and achieve their dreams.

Author: Mbenga Eden